When Lei Lester approached me with a side hustle idea, she knew she needed to be online but didn’t realise what a huge impact this passion project could and would make. What started out as an interior design consultancy idea, in two years has turned into a fully fledged space design and transformation business.

How was this achieved?

There is no doubt that Lei is a hard worker so the running of the business has taken a lot of blood, sweat and concrete. She pulled her sleeves up, listened to her clients, made suggestions, added her unique scandi-boho inspired touch, ripped down some walls and got dirty. The thing about good business is great word-of-mouth and in Lei’s case, gorgeous images. So the first thing we did was take photos of the spaces she had transformed.

Next up, choosing the right layout for Lei’s website.

We needed something that showcased her work, working as a portfolio but also a site that fans could follow. The design is a magazine style layout that is easy to post regularly on as well as a straight forward back end for Lei to manage herself. The imagery and Lei’s style are thHe heroes of the website, working hand in hand with her social media platforms; Instagram feeds through to the sidebar on the site showing Lei getting her hands dirty on construction site and picking out one-of-a-kind furniture pieces; Pinterest boards also feature on the site, inspiring potential clients with design ideas. Lei then uses Facebook as a space to share website posts and connect with followers and potential clients.

The beautiful thing about watching Lei and her business grow is to see the physical evidence of it via her website. It has become more than just a tool to help market her business, it is a living confirmation that it is possible to turn your side hustle into your dream job. 


Alex is the one of those people you want alongside you when starting a new venture. She is hugely creative yet extremely practical and is always willing to go the extra mile and make sure you have the best service from start to finish, making the biggest task seem effortless. She created something truly special for me, helped me understand how it all works in ways I could understand, and was always up for a brainstorm to keep it going from strength to strength. I cannot recommend her highly enough….plus she’s a ball of fun to be around!”





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