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Hello rebel , my name is Alex .


My mission is to
get your big idea launched & thriving!

Hoorah, you’ve joined the rebels! You have decided to take the plunge to launch your side hustle. The big idea has been brewing in your head for a while & now your ball is rolling, the time has come … to launch online! Launching is exciting but also overwhelming, so many options: where to buy your domain, who hosts the site, how to link it to social media, can you create personalized email & where do you even begin with design?

You know that you want your website to stand out, look slick, professional, and not cost a fortune. It’s going to be OK, breathe, you have come to the right place dear Rebel.

Tell me about that big idea, sit back and let me do the rest!

LAUNCHING YOU ~ Getting your side hustle live. Web design, domain purchase & hosting.
HOLDING YOUR HAND ~ When it gets scary. Providing many options & suggestions.
REGULAR CATCH UPS ~ So you aren't in the dark. Skype, email & whatsapp contact.
HOOKING YOU UP ~ Linking your social media & email
BRAINSTORMING - When you need a lil extra help. Ideas & solutions.
ONGOING SUPPORT ~ More than a website, set up newletters & social media campaigns

Alex is one of those people you want with you when starting a new venture

Let's work together. Get in touch.